How BI is so much more than just a reporting tool

One of the oldest and most misguided thoughts about business intelligence is that it is a glorified tool for analytics reporting. How many times have we heard the annoying question, "oh, why don't you just use Excel for that?"

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A step-by-step approach to your business intelligence journey

Moving from using static reports to a Business Intelligence (BI) solution is a big jump in capabilities. It's a jump that will give you
new insights, and the ability to monitor and manage performance. Companies with a BI solution gain a speed to act advantage, 
can reduce costs and improve performance management, as they manage their business proactively.
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How your organisation can overcome the common Pitfalls in Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation Projects

One of the crucial contributing factors in the overall success or failure of BI platforms achieving their desired objectives is ensuring a successful and well managed implementation. A recent survey by the National Computing Centre showed that nearly a quarter of all BI projects intended to improve management decision making and improve performance are going over estimated budgets and timeframes. Organizations have often been guilty of jumping into traditional BI implementations before fully considering alternative approaches that can be more cost effective and less time consuming.

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