Citrix solutions protect your business from disruptions and keep your workforce productive


Protect your business from disruption

Every organisation faces the possibility of major and minor disruptions of all kinds, from planned events such as IT maintenance and office relocations, to looming emergencies such as hurricanes, snow storms and epidemics, to unplanned events that strike completely without warning, such as earthquakes, tornados, terrorism and fires. Even relatively small incidents like a water or power outage, commute delays, and the seasonal flu can have a major impact.  

Keep Business running during unplanned downtime

While business continuity planning has traditionally focused on failover and disaster recovery for the data center, this is only part of the picture. If people can’t access the applications, data, files and services their work depends on, then the business is still down—and losing money, customers, productivity, reputation and opportunities every moment it takes to get them back to work.



Citrix NetScaler helps organisations build enterprise cloud networks that embody the characteristics and capabilities that define public cloud services, such as elasticity
, expandability and simplicity. NetScaler brings to enterprise IT leaders multiple advanced technologies that were previously available only
to large public cloud providers.

As an undisputed leader of service and application delivery, Citrix NetScaler
solutions are deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimise, secure and control the delivery of all
enterprise and cloud services. They deliver 100 percent application availability, application and database server offload, acceleration and
advanced attack protection. Deployed directly in front of web and database servers, NetScaler solutions combine high-speed load
balancing and content switching, http compression, content caching, SSL acceleration, application flow visibility and a powerful
application firewall into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Xen Server

Citrix XenServer is a complete, managed server virtualisation platform built on the powerful Xen hypervisor. Xen technology is widely acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualisation software in the industry. XenServer is designed for efficient management of Windows® and Linux® virtual servers and delivers cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.


Citrix XenApp empowers users with on-demand self-service to enterprise applications. Used by more
than 100 million people worldwide, XenApp is an application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to
be virtualised, centralised and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device.
Virtual application delivery with XenApp enables organisations to improve application management by:

- Centralising applications in the datacenter to reduce complexity and lower the cost of desktop management by up to 50 percent

- Controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security

- Delivering applications instantly to users anywhere on any device

- Simplifying and automating the process of delivering or updating applications, enabling IT to focus on strategic initiatives


Xen Desktop

Citrix XenDesktop is a desktop virtualisation solution that transforms desktops and applications into a secure on-demand service available to any user, anywhere,
on any device. With XenDesktop, you can deliver individual Windows, web and SaaS applications, or full virtual
desktops, to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients with a high-definition user experience.


Citrix EdgeSight is implemented as an agent based solution for monitoring end user experience with either their local Windows based desktop, laptop, or a Citrix XenApp environment.
This agent transparently monitors user experience with both the computer and any applications which are run on that computer. No
modification of any application is required in order for EdgeSight to collect data. Network information is collected by the agent
from within the application performing the network access. This provides EdgeSight a unique perspective on the network
performance, and can lead to some confusion when comparing EdgeSight network metrics with those collected from other
means such as server logs or network sniffers. This document seeks to define EdgeSight network data in such
a way that this powerful perspective can be leveraged fully. In the context of this document, the following
types of user application based network data are collected for any network enabled application.

- TCP based WinSock socket data

- HTTP based web data